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Crochet Sun Rattle Pattern

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

I do hope this little sun rattle brightens up your babies day!

Pattern Notes-

· This pattern is in US terminology.

· Chain 1 doesn’t count as a stitch.

· Worked in the round unless stated otherwise.


· Ch = Chain

· MR = Magic Ring

· St(s) = Stitch(es)

· Sc = Single Crochet (UK = Double Crochet)

· Dc = Double Crochet (UK = Treble Crochet)

· Inc = Increase | Crochet two into same st


· Aran (10 ply/worsted weight) Cotton Yarn in any colour of your choice.

· I used Cascade Yarns, Nifty Cotton Splash in colour sun drop (202).

· 3.5mm Crochet Hook

· Scissors

· Yarn Needle

· 22mm Rattle Insert (optional) Size of rattle insert is not important, size is just suggested as this is the size I use.

· Stuffing

Click the affiliate link below to purchase the yarn used in this pattern, at no extra cost to you.

You are more than welcome to use any yarn and hook size as gauge is not important. Do remember to use a smaller hook than suggested for the yarn to make tighter stitches.


Sun (make 2)-

Using colour of your choice:

Row 1: MR. 6 sc into centre of ring. (6 sts)

Row 2: [Inc] 6 times (12 sts)

Row 3: [Sc, inc] 6 times (18 sts)

Row 4: [2 sc, inc] 6 times (24 sts)

Row 5: [3 sc, inc] 6 times (30 sts)

Row 6: [4 sc, inc] 6 times (36 sts)

Row 7: [5 sc, inc] 6 times (42 sts)

Row 8: [6 sc, inc] 6 times (48 sts)

Fasten off for the first circle. Do not fasten off for the second.

You can weave in ends from the first circle, if you wish.



Face both sun sides right side out, with the tail ends on the inside.

Sc both sides together.

Before you reach the end, stuff the sun and insert rattle.

Sl st to first sc made.

Ch 2 and 2 dc into same st as sl st.

3 dc into every st around. You will end up with 143 sts plus the ch 2.

Sl st to the top of the first dc made, fasten off and weave in ends.

You are now finished!

I hope you enjoyed crocheting this sun rattle as much as I did!

Please share your creations with me, I love seeing them. You can either use my hashtag #adeledaisycrochet or tag me on Instagram @adeledaisy

Alternatively, you can email your photos to me directly at and I will share them on my Instagram.

Copyright 2021 of Adele Daisy Crochet. All rights reserved. All materials contained within this document are copyrighted material and cannot be used. You may not sell, publish or alter my patterns in any way. You may sell products made by you from my patterns but please give credit to me as the designer. #adeledaisycrochet

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