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Crochet Pumpkin

Updated: Sep 11

It's nearly autumn! Which I personally think is the best time of the year, for many reasons but mainly, for crocheting pumpkins.

I wanted to crochet a pumpkin that was simple to make yet textured and not your typical back loop only pumpkin, so lets get crocheting!

Using the yarn and hooks listed, this pumpkin measures approximately 3.5 inches (9cm) in height by 5.5 inches (14cm) in width.

*All measurements are approximate and have been rounded up*

Pattern Notes-

· This pattern is in US terminology.

· Chain 1 doesn’t count as a stitch.

· Worked in rows and in the round.


· Ch = Chain

· MR = Magic Ring

· St(s) = Stitch(es)

· Sl st = Slip Stitch

· Sk st = Skip Stitch

· Sc = Single Crochet (UK = Double Crochet)

· Dc = Double Crochet (UK = Treble Crochet)

· Tr = Treble Crochet (UK = Double Treble Crochet)

·Sp St = Spike Stitch

· Inc = Increase | Crochet two into same st


· Aran (10 ply/worsted weight) Yarn in Green, Brown and Orange.

· I used Malabrigo Rios in Ivy (138), Camel (208) and Sunset (096)

· 4.5mm Crochet Hook

· 3.5mm Crochet Hook

· Scissors

· Yarn Needle

· Stuffing

Click the affiliate link below to purchase the yarn used in this pattern, at no extra cost to you.

Optional extras: Fabric glue, fabric stiffener and pencil (or something to wrap yarn around, I used a 5mm crochet hook)

Spike stitch = Sc into the sc of the row below, instead of sc into the row you are working on.



Using brown yarn and 3.5mm hook:

Working in the round.

Row 1: MR. 6 sc into centre of ring. (6 sts)

Row 2: [sc, inc] 3 times (9 sts)

Rows 3-9: 9 sc (9 sts)

Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing. Stuff the stalk lightly.


Leaves (make 2)-

Using green yarn and 4.5mm hook:

Start with a longish tail to weave in. Working in the round.

Row 1: MR. (Work all of the following sts into the centre of the MR) Ch 2, 2 dc, 4 tr, ch 2, sl st into the 2nd ch from hook, 4 tr, 2 dc, ch 2, sl st back into centre of MR.

Pull MR tail tightly. Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing.



Using orange yarn and 4.5mm hook:

Working in rows.

Row 1: Ch 60. Sc into 4th ch from hook. *Ch 1, sk st, sc into the next st**. Continue from * to ** until the end of the row.

Row 2: Ch 2, turn. *Sc into the ch that was skipped from the previous row, ch 1, sk st**. Continue from * to ** until the end of the row.

Row 3: Ch 2, turn. *Sp st, ch 1, sk st**. Continue from * to ** until the end of the row.

Repeat row 3 until your pumpkin measures approximately 5 inches (13cm) in height and 13 inches (33cm) in length. 13 inches = ch 60. I crocheted approximately 30 rows.

If you wish to change the size of your pumpkin, ch an even amount of stitches.

Once finished, fasten off, leaving a very long tail for sewing.

Sew the two sides together.

Weave the stitches along the bottom of your pumpkin to cinch in together. You may need to go through these stitches several times to pull it tight.

Stuff the pumpkin. It is important to not over stuff!

Bring the needle up through the middle of the pumpkin, through the stuffing, now weave the stitches together along the top of the pumpkin. Just like you did for the bottom.

You do not need to pull this as tightly.

You will now wrap the yarn around the outside of the pumpkin and insert the needle into the bottom of the pumpkin and pull all the way through the middle to come out at the top. Do this 6 (more/less) times to achieve your desired look. Now weave in ends.

Sew the stalk onto the top of the pumpkin, placing it as centrally as possible. Weave in ends.

Sew the leaves near the stalk. Weave in ends.

Optional extra:

Cut a length of brown yarn, approximately 9 inches (23cm) long.

Mix fabric stiffener with water, at ratio 1:1.

Cover the length of yarn in fabric stiffener and wrap around pencil/hook. Leave to dry for 12-24 hours.

Once dry, remove from pencil/hook, fold in half, apply a small amount of fabric glue onto the curl and attach it to the pumpkin, near the stalk.

You are now finished! Thank you for reading my pattern!

I hope you enjoyed crocheting your Pumpkin as much as I did.

Please share your creations with me, I love seeing them. You can use my hashtag #adeledaisycrochet or tag me on instagram @adeledaisy

Alternatively, you can email your photos to me directly at and I will share them on my Instagram.

Copyright 2021 of Adele Daisy Crochet. All rights reserved. All materials contained within this document are copyrighted material and cannot be used. You may not sell, publish or alter my patterns in any way. You may sell products made by you from my patterns but please give credit to me as the designer. #adeledaisycrochet

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